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About the Hall

The hall is in the center of the village, next to the shop and the village green with its pond, stocks and whipping post. 

The picturesque village of Aldbury lies 3 miles east of Tring, at the foot of a Chiltern ridge, and is almost surrounded by the Ashridge estate which is owned by the National Trust.

History of the Hall

The building was erected in memory of Richard Mountford Wood M.A., late rector of this parish by his widow and children in the year 1891.

The building was donated along with the Alms Houses to Aldbury village in 1892 by the Crauford family and managed by them until the Charitable Trust was set up in the 1960’s for the benefit of the inhabitants of Aldbury.

The Management of the Hall and the Alms Houses was split providing the current structure of two volunteer committees.


Hall Updates

Screenshot 2023-03-18 at 13.14.45.png

Hall refurbishment 2017

Taking into account the views of users and villagers who came to three open house sessions and general feedback over the years the following work was carried out by local craftsmen.

  1. Replacement lighting, including new ceiling lampshades and electrics, dimmable uplighting on both sides of the hall

  2. New radiators - Victorian style in dark grey

  3. Soundproofing and hiding of pipes on the end wall

  4. Repainting of all the hall including stage

  5. New emergency exit lighting

  6. New stage panels

  7. New stage curtains and door covering

The entranceway to the hall was painted and a wall of historical information about the hall and the village will displayed here.


Thank you to Mark Battram and all our local contractors who contributed to the success of this project.


Trustees of Aldbury Memorial Hall

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