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  • Jennie Shaw

Aldbury Mem Hall Mini Survey – The Results are in!

A big thank you from the Trustees to the 89 responders about how the hall might be used in the future. You replied from; Facebook (70%), Outlook 18%) and our chats at the shop(12%).

You told us

87% would like more events for the village at Mem Hall.

The top 5 are:-

  • Wine tasting/local brewery sampling- 66%

  • Quiz Night – 62%

  • Speaking events – 61%

  • Craft/Art Fair - 57%

  • Curry Nights – 54%

We also now know:

  • 47% of villagers would consider holding private family/friends events after some renovations.

  • 34% were undecided whilst m21 % said not for me thanks.

So we will proceed to update the hall, boost the heating and create the most flexible space. Whilst a couple of comments were made in favour of retaining the stage, few stage performances have happened over the last 5 years and less proposed for the future.

Partnering. As volunteers, we maintain the hall for your use and as such are not a social club. Yet we are happy to partner with villagers to use it fully.

For rates see and please do contact Nick the Booking Secretary ( if these are prohibitive in any way.

A number of you have come forward and we are currently exploring how to make these happen. Some who arrived in or since lockdown have requested a way to meet others and some have not yet stepped inside the hall. More on these possibilities in the New Year.

Until then Happy Christmas or Holiday whichever you celebrate.

The Trustees ( Nick De La Bedoyere, Ian Brown, Tony Tollinton, Jennie Shaw, Lisa Thompson, Mark Milner)

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